Get Help With All Of Your Home Improvement Projects

Get Help With All Of Your Home Improvement Projects

Hire us for handyman services in Columbus, GA & surrounding areas

Is your honey-do list starting to look like a pharmacy receipt? You don't have to take care of every project by yourself. McBride Home Improvements is available for handyman services in Columbus, GA and the surrounding area.

Our handyman can help with all kinds of home improvement projects, include:

  • Painting your interior or exterior surfaces
  • Repairing and replacing drywall or plaster
  • Removing and replacing old carpet
  • Installing new laminate flooring

Let our team help you update your home. Contact us today to arrange for anything from a flooring remodel to a quick drywall repair.



We can handle your general repairs

Do you have a leaking pipe or faucet? Are you replacing broken appliances or burned-out light bulbs? Or, perhaps, your home needs a fresh coat of paint and you are looking for a residential painter? With handyman services, you can spare yourself from having to climb ladders and carry around heavy equipment. Our handyman can complete any light electrical or plumbing work you have around the house. We'll make sure your house works properly or recommend a technician if there's a serious problem.

Team up with a skilled handyman by calling us at (800) 816-0795.